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A gentle complimentary therapy.

Fiona Whiffin


A Gentle Complimentary Therapy 

Mother's Day offer - £40 for 1 Hour session at the Gingerbread House

Mother's Day offer

the £40 for 1 hour session at Gingerbread House

Who Am I?

My name is Fiona Whiffin and I live in Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire. I trained in Reflexology with Louise Keet at the Central London School of Reflexology and have gained a level 3 grade in 2002.

 I am a full member of and insured with the Association of Reflexologists. Since my qualification I have improved my professional development by attending seminars. These include ‘Hand reflexology and spinal seminar’ by Louise Keet, ‘Original Ingham Method’ by Dwight C Byers & James Pederson and ‘Advanced Reflex Therapy’.

How does it work?

 Having a reflexology session allows us time to sit with our feet up and be still in mind and body, from the pressure of daily life. The massaging of the pressure points our over worked and often neglected feet relaxes tired muscles and tendons, improving blood and lymph flow and stimulates the nerve endings to improve the communication to and from the central nervous system.

Watch an introductory to Reflexology video from the AOR

Mobile Practise

I offer a mobile practise visiting clients in their own homes in and around Abbotts Langley, Shenley, Radlett, St Albans, Bricketwood, Potters bar & Barnet.

 I am happy to travel further just with an additional £5 charge. Alternatively why not experience Reflexology in the Gingerbread House, Shenley on and Wednesday morning 10-1pm. Prices vary slightly and book direct with them.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can enjoy reflexology and fell an improved sense of well being, just by having their feet massaged, but if you have symptom’s that are contra-indicated on the list below then it is advised to check with your doctor first.

Contra-Indications Deep vein thrombosis, Phlebitis, Blood-Clots, Large varicose veins, heart problems, Unstable blood pressure & Unstable pregnancy.

About reflexology

Reflexology is a gently complimentary therapy using pressure massage on reflex points of the foot and hands, which correspond to different areas of the body.

This helps to bring balance to our mind, body and spirit and encourage a sense of well being within. Aiding relaxation and reducing stress of daily life. It is not a replacement for general medical advice but used holistically.

The 'Godfather' Dwight Byers

Dwight’s Aunt founded reflexology as we know it today. She was an American Physiotherapist who decided to work on reflex points of the feet as they are the most sensitive part of the body and called it Reflexology. 

Cost of treatments

Treatment costs £35 per hour/£20 for half hour with an additional £5 if travelling further.

Concessions available at £20 per hour/£10 per half hour.


Special offer at the moment if you book 3 treatments you’ll receive the 4th free!

Reflexology for Teenagers

In todays modern world we see teenagers always on their phones. It seems that they cannot function without the. But are they a necessity or a hinderance? Many of the teenagers of today are feeling the stress and pressure of modern living, to be accepted by their peers and to be always out having fun, as others appear to be doing on social media sites.

Girls are more likely to show signs of depression by the age of 14 which is linked to social media. A team at University College London published a paper recently after extensive research and found that girls tend to spend much more time on social media and experience worse psychological effects as a result. Online harassment and interpreted sleep have an impact on mental health for both genders.

The office of National Statistics have looked at adolescents and made a report that at least 10% are diagnosed with an emotional disorder. Depression is also likely to occur if there are regular high levels of stress and the number of teenagers on anti-depressants is increasing; also increasing is the number of teens who self harm

The majority of teenagers are coping with the pressures of life, but for those who aren’t, they need to find ways to help themselves to cope, before things get too out of hand.

Reflexology, Yoga, Meditation and sports. These are some ways to reduce stress levels and increase Serotonin levels, as regular exercise helps you sleep better, boost energy levels and raises self-esteem. Mind relaxation is also important if you are unable to switch off as your own self healing can work better. 

Reflexology can be one of those ways, by improving the quality of sleep, helping to feel calmer, which will in turn, improve a sense of wellbeing.

I asked 4 teenagers with parent consent, to allow me to treat them to 4 x 30 minute sessions of reflexology, to see if it made a difference to them. From an Anonymous personal questionnaire I could publish their responses. 




‘Reflexology was recommended for me and my year group (15) because we have a lot of things going on such as GCSEs and Mocks. Personally, I found Reflexology very useful for stress related problems. I felt it was a really soothing outer body experience. My mind felt at ease and clear! If I had the opportunity to do it again I would, because of the experience I had’ 

‘Reflexology helped me a lot actually, It’s really soothing and helps me relax. I can just be in the present and not worry about the past or the future. It was very comforting and I felt a little like falling asleep. The next day I felt absolutely fine and y feet felt like cushions.’

‘When I have reflexology, I fell calm and that there is a place where I can rid of all the negative stuff. During the treatment I experienced that I felt like I was in a safer place and was more relaxed, The next day I felt really loose and relaxed. I would have Reflexology again.’

‘During my Reflexology session I felt a lot colder and my hand was tingling a little, but was very relaxed. The next day I still felt cold but mostly normal. I would have Reflexology again.’


World Reflexology Week 2018

24th – 30th September – Its all about STRESS!

Stress can affect many systems of the body and if allowed to become long term or chronic, damage may occur. This damage may affect health and wellbeing, which can make life harder within work, home life and relationships. It is important that people recognise how they are feeling and the symptoms of stress, then make time in their lives to do things that can change how they feel and perform their daily tasks. 


 Read more to learn more.


“Fiona is a lovely person and I can’t recommend her highly enough for her skills as a Reflexologist.” – JH Shenley


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